Dancing Earth is proud to work with many talented artists within the Native community. We would like to acknowledge all the supporters and talented artists who worked with us on “Indigenous Futurities” photoshoot.


Photo: PauloT.
Garments: Loren Aragon of ACONAV (made originally for Indigenous ComiCon), Venaya Yazzie of Yazzgrl Art - Be Matriarch, Connie Wind Walker, Repurposed mylar emergency blankets styled by Paulo and dancers, dancers personal garments.

Hair stylists: Kalika Tallou of Salon Tallou, Nichole Salazar, Neema Pickett of Kamaria Creations.

Accessorized with: Hair jewelry courtesy of Kalika Tallou and Lyla June Johnston, Silver jewelry pieces by artists John Paul Rangel, Pat Pruitt, Cody Sanderson , Steve La Rance , Sheridan MacKnight. Dentallium jewelry pieces by Ria Thundercloud, Holly Young.

Food: by Karen Sweeney and Elizabeth “Libby” Maclaren

Additional support from: Myra and Pomegranate studios for space for prep, behind the scene documentation photos of creative process by Antwan Benthall, SFAI team including Kourtney Andar for coordinating our time in the space, little ray of light Luycia , Jake Foreman and Kai for family presence!

Rulan Tangen