Dancing Earth emerges from our Director’s decades of dance work with Native youth across the country. Some of our company members were 8 year olds when first meeting Rulan at a powwow, or workshop on their reservation. In the spirit of continual reciprocity are always returning to the communities, to share our gifts and to inspire healthy living and cultural pride in remote rural areas as well as urban settings, to receive cultural mentorship about what are the most relevant themes and stories to share through our performances, and to recruit and cultivate the next generation of Dancing Earth cultural artistic collaborators .





Dancing Earth respectfully engages in cultural protocols, land acknowledgement, and meaningful relationship building with original people on homelands to which we are invited . This has been transformative for many of the places we have visited, renewing relationships of Abenaki with Middlebury College in Vermont, Piscataway at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, and collaboration with Ohlone Corrina Gould for project at UC Berkeley. We look forward to continued relationship building.

Dancing Earth is committed not only to creating danceworks with eco-cultural themes, but also production practices that are rooted in eco-sustainability, which have included bike powered sound systems, passive solar and LED lighting, repurposed or organic materials for props and costumes, bio-diesel tour bus, locally grown foods.

Our cultural artistic work in intended to honor and explore global indigenous diversity and solidarity, nourish body mind spirit and emotions individual and community, heal historical trauma through creative renewal.

We are rooted in respect, reciprocity, relationship, and responsibility, to move collectively towards remembering,reimagining,  renewal, revitalization, and regeneration.



Throughout the year, Dancing Earth also offers cultural arts workshops for youth through adult, dancers and non dancers, Native communities and beyond. We have brought these master classes and workshops to educational settings (K-12, college, and grad school level), conferences, cultural gatherings, festivals, throughout the Southwest, California, and as invited by host communities, which have ranged across 18 states and 8 countries.





Greg Castro - Ohlone, GROUNDWORKS advisor

L. Frank Manriquez - Tongva, GROUNDWORKS advisor of canoe knowledge

Clarence Carrillo - Northern Pomo, GROUNDWORKS advisor

Christi Tek Tekh Gabaldon - Wappo , GROUNDWORKS advisor, plant knowledge carrier

Loren Smith - Kashaya Pomo , GROUNDWORKS advisor

Corrina Gould - Ohlone, Sogoroa Te Land Trust

Pesata family, Jicarilla Abaachi

Marrie Mumford - Canada Chair of Indigenous Performing Arts, Trent University

William KIngfisher - Ayaandagon land artist

Anemone Mars - Narragansett First Nations cultural knowledge carrier

Tony Skrelunas -  Grand Canyon Trust

Jeva Uqualla -  Havasupai cultural knowledge carrier

Leatrice and Hayes Lewis - Zuni educators and cultural knowledge carriers

Jillene Joseph - Director of Native Wellness Institute

Rafael J Gonzales - Berkeley poet laureate

Camilla Trujillo - Plant medicine knowledge carrier

Shash Yahzi - Dine, Spiritual advisor, founder of Eagle Evolutions

Talavai Denipah Cook - Santa Clara Tribal Treaty Liaison

Randle Charles - The Tracking Project and Academy for Love of Learning Liaison

Maria Firmino Castillo - Academic Researcher/Cultural Advocate, Guatemala

Professor Jacqueline Shea Murphy - author and scholar of Indigenous dance

Cheryl Odom -  Costume designer, arts advocate

Dr. Mi’Jan Celie Tho-Biaz  - Visiting Scholar with the Interdisciplinary Center for Innovative Theory and Empirics at Columbia University; inaugural leadership participant with The Banff Centre’s New Fundamentals in Creative Ecology

Solar Banner - Hopi photographer and nutritionist

Stephanie Camfield - Mvskoke Creek community volunteer coordiantor

Darice Samson - Matriarch, traditional dancer, designer

Mitra Lujan - ‘tia’ of Dancing Earth

Fidel Tohil Bernal - Mayan Cultural Artist-Activist, Guatemala

Dr. Kina Murphy- Ecologist/Extractive Industries Mitigation and Offsets Project WCS, Global Conservation Assistance

Dr. Yolanda Teran Maigua - Kichwa Nation, Ecuador

Jorge Males - Artist/Singer/Composer of Kichwa Ecuador

Valeria Alarcon - Chief Operating Officer Bioneers

Molly Pesata - Jicarilla Transdisciplinary Culture Carrier  

Anne Pesata - Jicarilla Apache tribal health department worker

Hazel James - San Juan Collaborative for Health Equity

Teahonna James - Tlingit, Chilkat and Ravenstail Weaver

Kevin  Belin - Navajo cultural traditional leader, Crownpoint Community School

Jonathan Sims - Filmmaker/Video-documentarian Acoma Pueblo, former Tribal Council

Jonathan Ray -  Filmmaker, Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Ibrahim Loeks - Tracking, Permaculture, Firemaking, Somatic/ Bodyworker,

Lupita Salazar - Northern NM Youth Community Garden project, Educator at Moving Arts Espanola

Henry Jake Foreman - Educator/Entrepreneur and Protege of Dr. Cajete

Roxanne Swentzel - Director of Pueblo Food Experience and Flowering Tree Permaculture Institute

Mykel Diaz -  Xicano Farmer and former Organic Food Certifier for NM state

Hyda Maria - Water Medicine Ceremony Carrier

Alicia Da Silva Rencountre - Director of Creative Confluence

Drake Havatone, Longhair Havatone, Ophelia Watahomigie-Corliss , Bucky Preston, Aaron Preston,of Grand Canyon Trust Intertribal Gatherings,

Gerardo Omar Marin - Food Justice activist, musician, educator

Pennie Opal Plant - For gracious permissions for incorporation of Indigenous Women of North and South America Treaty Defending Mother Earth

Eluid and Katherine Salazar - Northern New Mexico food cultivation

Chef Karlos Baca - Native foods and foraging specialist


Seed Broadcast

New Energy Economy

Grand Canyon Trust

Flowering Tree Permaculture Institute

The Nest

Girls Inc, New Mexico

Community Youth Garden

Moving Arts Espanola

Modas Dance

Dance Mission

New Mexico Dance Coalition

Global Water Dance

Creative Confluence, initiative for conservation of Chaco Canyon as sacred site

Pueblo Food Experience

Rocky Mountain Seeds Alliance , SEED summit

Santa Fe Art Institute

Well For Culture


Dancing Earth can develop performance projects with mentorship in scripting, dancing, music, lighting, costuming at different scales for sessions from one day to one month long. Recent project at Pt Arena in reservation brought Dancing Earth and ToasterLab media collaborators to support the vision of cultural artists Bernadette Smith, to develop a dance script she wrote to bring attention to the challenges facing the tan Oak and acorn that is sacred food that ties her Pomo community together. This was danced at Yerba Buena Native Arts Festival and Alcatraz  by Dancing Earth professional company, and at Native Showcase at Gualala Arts Center by Pomo youth as coached by Dancing Earth artist Esme Olivia, bringing to life the tremendous vision of Bernadette with original Indigenous music, costuming, and dance, with support from CA Arts Council Local Impact grant.



To inquire about booking Dancing Earth Creations for national/international special event appearances including keynotes, lectures and panels, cultural dance education offerings, or to book individual company performers.