Of Bodies of Elements

2009-2011 Of Bodies Of Elements - emerges from the deep soul of the landscape of America’s first peoples, embodying the themes of humans in relationship with cardinal elements in a primal yet articulate language of movement that speaks to all beings. The performance expresses the ensemble’s passionate exploration of the intersection of ritual, culture, and ecology.

“A thoroughly contemporary work with performers- men and women alike–whose athleticism and multifarious talents and training acknowledge the air as much as the ground under their feet . . . Stirring! . . . I wouldn’t give up a second of the opening, which imagines the natural world- including a splendid tree emerging from an inchoate mass . . . Excellently danced.”
—Rita Felciano, San Francisco Guardian review of performance in San Francisco

“One of the most successful translations of traditional culture into contemporary performance that I have ever seen”
—Myrna Loy Theater Executive director Ed Noonan, MT

“What happened here tonight is so special, it’s indescribable.”
—Hereditary Chief James Saint Goddard of the Blackfoot Confederacy, MT

Dancing Earth's 2009 show about the origin stories, and elemental makeup of our ancestors. The show went on tour around the country, and touched tens of thousands of audience members and many many Native communities on and off the rez.


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