Director Rulan Tangen has given keynote speeches, lectures and master classes to educational and cultural institutions and events in the US, New Zealand, Canada, Brasil, Argentina, Mexico, Norway, Guahan.


Performative Lectures

Native historical influences on the evolution of Dancing Earth Indigenous Contemporary Dance as Functional Ritual for Transformation and Healing;

ANOKA - between two places , the liminal space, the threshold, the waterways of connection - about mixed culture , cultural exchange, migration, trade networks as the incubus of culture  

Dancing the Future into Being, from resourceful resilience to beyond imaginable potentiality

Master Classes

Thematic master class workshops for adults  include many practices that have been described by participants as instrumental to decolonizing, re-indigenizing, and cultivating alliances: The Re-Story-ing - identity, place and reciprocity for  cultural protocols ; Reciprocity : Embodying Cultural Exchange ; Movement for Movement Building ( individual and collective embodiment practice for social change ), Land Dance ( deep listening and empathy to reconnect with self  in connection with beyond human world as eco-system ) , Sound and Motion - for becoming micro-cosm of functional interactive diversity ; Waters of Wellness Multi sensory Somatic Renewal ( ideal for leaders, activists); Seeds of our ancestors - Indigenous food and fitness; Collective Futurities : Dreaming and Doing.


To dance is to live. To live is to dance | Rulan Tangen | TEDxABQ